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Checklist for Setting the Deposition

Want to save time?

Please include your deposition or hearing notice and any urgent transcript delivery dates.  Our offices are open 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday.  You may schedule your deposition at any time, for any of our locations, by phone, fax, or email:   Phone: (800) 407-0148 Fax: (360) 705-6539 After Hours: (360) 470-6004 E-mail for all offices: scheduling@capitolpacificreporting.com Please have the following information ready for the deposition coordinator:
  1. Date and time of deposition.
  2. Place. If you need a conference room, we will arrange that for you. Complimentary deposition suites in Tacoma, Olympia, Aberdeen, and Chehalis.
  3. Rough estimate of how long deposition is expected to last.
  4. Name of attorney taking deposition. (Name of opposing counsel is optional, but appreciated.)
  5. Abbreviated name of case for our calendar.
  6. Trial or arbitration date.
  7. Whether or not transcript is needed prior to our normal 10-working-day turnaround. (A turnaround of up to three days is considered an expedite and costs more.)
  8. Names of witnesses (optional).
  9. Will you need a videographer.
  10. Mail, fax, or e-mail us a copy of your deposition notice. (Optional, but appreciated.)
We will call you the day prior to the deposition to confirm.